Advanced LiDAR Data Processing and Applications


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This 6th Summer School continues the very successful tradition started by the ISPRS Student Consortium in 2005. It includes lectures, demonstrations, laboratory exercises, sessions dedicated to companies, sessions for presentation of papers by students and young authors, and of course social events. Apart from acquiring knowledge in an informal environment, this is an excellent opportunity to meet top lecturers and young people from around the world. Since 2004 the Student Consortium has developed to one of the most active groups within ISPRS with various activities, publications, on-line Internet resources etc. and currently comprises an international youth network of about 500 members.

The topics for this summer school are:

  • Advanced LiDAR data processing
  • LiDAR data applications
The focus will be on airborne LiDAR but sessions on terrestrial LiDAR will provide a valuable insight and outlook on close-range applications.

LiDAR is a technology that has advanced enormously the last 10 years and has been used alone or in combination with other sensors, especially digital cameras, for an increasing number of applications.

We will engage for the Summer School various lecturers that are internationally recognized for their scientific knowledge, research activities, general experience and expertise, and practical work and projects. Lecturers will be from academia and research, public organizations and private companies, with a good mixture from North America and Europe.

The number of participants is limited to 50. Please read carefully the respective page about Registration. We have tried to keep registration fees as low as possible (150-200 USD), covering all costs except an optional event.


Student Consortium
ISPRS WG VI/5 Promotion of the Profession to Young People
ASPRS - American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Fayetteville State University

Local Organisers:
  • John Brooks, Dean, University College, Fayetteville State University
  • Yunkai Chen, Director, International Study Program, Fayetteville State University
  • Rakesh Malhotra, Department of Government and History, Fayetteville State University

Steering Committee (responsible for technical program and partly organization):
  • Emmanuel Baltsavias, Chair, ISPRS WG VI/5, Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (
  • Marguerite Madden, Director, Center for Remote Sensing and Mapping Science, University of Georgia (
  • Rakesh Malhotra, Department of Government and History, Fayetteville State University (MAIN SUMMER SCHOOL CONTACT AND LOCAL ORGANISER) (
  • Cemal Ozgur Kivilcim, Chair, ISPRS Student Consortium (
  • Krzysztof Sterenczak, Co-chair, ISPRS Student Consortium (


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